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Teeth Cleaning

At pearl dental clinic we are specialised in teeth cleaning. Generally there are 3 grades of stains and lower grade has lower stain and that takes less time to clean the teeth. OUR TEETH CLEANING COST VARY FROM RS 800 TO RS 2000 DEPENDING ON THE CALCULUS IN TEETH.


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Dr. Mitali Purohit

Head Dentist in Indiranagar

Pearl Dental Clinic in Indiranagar


I had been to pearl dental clinic for my ortho treatment and i am very happy with the results i have got. I first spoke to the doctor and explain my problem that my front teeths had spaces and it comes out of mouth. they suggested me braces treatment for that.

I met their orthodontist and they explained me in detail how the braces treatment work by showing few videos also. I completely understood how they are going to treat me before hand itself.

After that the treatment started and it took 12 sitting in total for the complete treatment. But after the treatment my teeths look gorgeous.
I had met other patients also while doing the treatment who had come for braces only at pearl dental clinic. they all were very happy with the results they have got.


i think more than 6 patients were coming only for braces treatment at one sitting. That also gave me confidence that many people are going through the same treatment like me from pearl dental clinic and all gave positive feedback. the way they treat patient, the complete hygiene of clinic, the prices of the treatment all are very good. I am glad that i got treated at pearl dental clinic. thank you very much.

i had a wonderful experience at pearl dental clinic indiranagar. I had zigzag teeth and that was the reason of many problems.


First problem was food log other were bad smile. I searched online and learned about pearl dental clinic and i approached them to solve this problem. they suggested me braces treatment and it took 6 month to get the treatment completed.


All the dentists at the clinic were very friendly. clinic is very neat and clean.

Follow up for every visit and coordination was proper. I found that they had managed the complete treatment very well. I would highly recommend them for any dental related problem.

By viswajit kumar

My friend referred me to this clinic, I was looking for braces treatment from almost 6months, taking his advice I met Dr.Mitali at pearl dental clinic indiranagar , she explained me in detail about invisible braces ,after which I was confident and got the treatment done, all front teeth gaps were closed in 6 months time.The best clinic for invisible braces.

By Surya Kumar

By Aakash pilot

I had severe gum problem had visited Pearl Dental Clinic they explained very in detail.They did initial check up and advised full mouth x-ray which was digital and result was immediate then I got laser gum treatment which took just 1 hour there was no pain no bleeding was very comfortable by the treatment. Really surprised by the results no bleeding and gums look healthy.Thank you soo much.

I got my root canal treatment done from this clinic in August '16 and it is still in great condition. Great quality work by Dr. Mitali and her colleague. I had my doubts when I first visited the clinic (based on google reviews) but after initial interaction with Dr. Mitali, I didn't need to go through any second thoughts. My RCT was surprisingly painless. So, go ahead with full conviction on this clinic. You'll not regret it.

My husband got root canal done here and the way it was done was very much satisfactory.

All details and options were well explained with real good care taken by the doctors with utmost professionalism and care. Very comfortable and approachable.

That's all one wants. Best dentist in indiranagar

By Pooja kushwaha

i had pain in my tooth and i searched online and found pearl dental clinic. My experience was very good with pearl dental clinic indiranagar. I had to got the extraction done of my tooth. i was afraid initially because first of all pain and other is it will not look good as it was one of the front tooth.

they gave me option of either implant or bridge. Finally i decided with bridge and now it looks exactly same as my original tooth.

i am very happy with complete experience and treatment.

By Laxmi

Dr is very attentive, like I went for wisdom tooth related problem ,showed my x ray , she noticed something that other Dr neglected. She gave we the quote for surgery of wisdom teeth extraction and also medicines for pain relief. She was not pushing me to take any decision immediately. I liked the overall experience

By Antony sunny

I visited banglore as tourist.I felt some tooth problem. Some one suggested
me pearl dental clinic Indira nagar. I got treatment
There. I am completely satisfied patient. Clinic provides scaling filling, Rootcanal treatment,
Implants tooth. Doctors there are soft spoken and helping. They are experienced highly. They suggest required medicine only
Dr. Mitali S. Purohit is best dentist in indirnagar and very soft to Patient. You must visit this clinic only
if req.

By Dr. Jagdish Kumar

i had wonderful experience at pearl dental clinic indiranagar. I visited for cleaning and filling in my tooth. They did it very well. But the problem was that i had to go for cleaning and filling again and again to some or other dentist. When they got to know that they suggested me for ortho treatment.
Initially i was not keen on braces but they explained it very well and they have got braces which are not visible. I went ahead for that and the experience after the treatment is awesome. Now i dont have to go for cleaning again and again. I have very beautiful smile and my complete personality is build up. This is the best clinic out of all the clinic which i had been. Keep doing good.

By Aryan Agarwal



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Braces Treatment

Smile makeover is a major concern for the adults both socially and emotionally. Orthodontic treatment is one stop solution for these problems . It is a procedure to straightening and pull back your teeth which enhance aesthetics chewing efficiency and finally establishing muscular harmony by equally distributing biting forces on your teeth and temporomandibular joint.

It can be started as early as 6 years and can be done up-till any age provided there is enough bone support.

There are variety of choices you can make while choosing the types of braces depending on the severity of your problem.

1) Conventional Braces Treatment | Metal Braces Treatment :- These are the basic ones which comes into your mind when you think of the braces. They come with metallic brackets that are bonded on the teeth with a metallic wire running along them and secured at the end to the molar tubes | bands on the molars.


Appliance that are barely noticeable have come into existence like the ceramic clear braces and invisible braces. 

2) Ceramic Braces Treatment :- These are tooth coloured braces which comes either with metal | tooth coloured wire depending on the patient choices.

3) Ceramic Clear Braces Treatment :- Advanced ceramic braces with increased translucency, decreased size yet strong and resilient with rounded edges avoiding discomfort and ulcerations of the oral mucosa. They are almost invisible from a distance when used with tooth coloured wires.

4) Self Ligating Braces Treatment :- Conventional braces have the disadvantage of increased friction between the bracket wire interface due to ligature or module which are use to secure the wire to the bracket all leading to increase treatment time. On contrary self ligating as the name suggest are designed to overcome these disadvantage thus decrease in treatment time, other advantage is being decrease chair side time and decreased visit to the dentist. They come in both metal and ceramic.

5) Lingual Brackets Treatment :- These braces are bonded on the tongue side of your teeth so that they are completely invisible. Though seem simple apart from speech problems cost effectiveness is another major concern.

6) Aligners Treatment :- In contrast to the fixed braces these are the removable. they come in series of clear | plastic trays fit onto your teeth. Each tray is given for a specific period of time that moves your teeth. The trays are designed using specialised computer software that scans your bite.

Dont forget to wear the retainers at the end of your treatment.

Visit pearl dental clinic Indiranagar today and get your smile back.

At Pearl dental clinic in indiranagar we are specialised in orthodontic (braces) treatment. The treatments are handled by Dr Mitali Purohit (Head  Dentist) and Dr D.S.N Sudha Koumudi (MDS orthodontist).

We had done more than 500 braces treatment at our clinic and we are proud to say that all were highly successful. All are patient are very happy with their treatments. At any time we have more than 100 braces treatment running.

We do all types of braces (like metallic, ceramic, invisalign etc ) and our charges are very competitive.

Call us at 9632496064 to book appointment for braces treatment | orthodontic treatment cost |Cost of orthodontics | invisible braces price.


Root Canal Treatment is done to reduce the pain / sensitivity which is the result of infection caused by caries, trauma, fracture, large filing, secondary caries that are irreversibly inflamed and damaged. Root canal treatment not only repairs and save the tooth but also prevent the tooth from further damaged. If infectious tooth remain untreated may cause complications such as discolouration, loos of tooth structure, food lodgement formation of pus / abscess at the root apex, swollen gums leading to halitosis / bad breath.

This might also result in swelling and pain of head, neck and face which if left untreated might lead to death.

Root canal treatment is very common and has success rate of 95%. Root canal treated tooth if taken proper care can last for lifetime.

The root canal procedure is usually painless and done under L.A might also be painful depending on the condition of tooth.

The decayed portion of the tooth is removed to gain access to the nerve | pulp of the infected tooth. After the access opening the nerve of the tooth is removed using the files. The canal is then cleaned / shaped and disinfected using irrigating solutions. After cleaning and disinfection of the interior portion the tooth is filled and sealed with a root canal filling material called gutta percha and sealed to prevent entrance of microorganism and recontamination. After the canal had filled and sealed the crown portion is filled with a temporary restoration | filling material for 2-3 days. After 3 days the patient is called and permanent filling is done following the removal of the temporary filling.

The root canal treatment may take 2-3 sitting or can also be done in single sitting depending on tooth condition. Each sitting may last for 45 minutes. After the root canal treatment it is advised to take antibiotic and pain killer and not to eat or drink for couple of hours after root canal treatment as the temporary filling may come out or may cause dull pain on the tooth.

After the permanent filling is done the crown is placed on the top of the root canal treated tooth to restore and maintain its proper function and also to prevent the tooth from fracture. The crown not only strengthen and protect the damaged tooth. it can also be used to improve the aesthetic, shape, alignment and bite.

The crown can also replace the gaps left by the missing teeth they cover the space where the teeth are missing and are cemented to the adjacent natural teeth.

Types of dental crowns:


1) All ceramic crowns are porcelain  based filling material and are recommended for front teeth as it is aesthetically pleasing.

2) Porcelain fused metal the outside portion of the crown will be of tooth coloured material porcelain and the inner portion will be metal.

3) Metal crown is prepared of metal which provide strength to the crown and tooth but it is of metallic colour.



Providing You complete control on your oral health with world class dental experience

Our clinic is conveniently located on Main Street and is accessible via all the major roads. We are proud of our office which fully utilizes state of the art equipment to provide the best COMPLETE DENTAL TREATMENT in Indiranagar Bangalore with latest technology options.


Come to our dental clinic in indiranagar and get best DENTAL TREATMENT tips by our expert doctors.

Pearl Dental Clinic in indiranagar is conveniently located near 100 ft road Indiranagar. Our dental clinic is well known on account of the high quality dental treatments that we offer.

We provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments to suit the different needs of our patients. In fact, we offer our clients the option of getting most of their dental work done under one roof. 

Pearl dental clinic indiranagar also have very experienced and highly trained dentists who offer various procedures. We pay special attention to providing our patients a good experience at our clinic.

At Pearl dental clinic we certainly believe that oral health plays a vital role in the over all health of human being. Our main role as practicing dentist is to provide a complete control on the patients oral health. One must feel that his oral health is in complete control and he will not have any problem because of that.


Our objectives are:

To give relief from pain to patient,

Giving good appearance to patient,

Proper functioning of oral region,

Suggesting preventive measures and apt treatment,


We maintain neat and clean clinic with well polished dentist  for world class experience.

Our Values:


Truthness : speak truth,

Being transparent,

Deliver fast service,

Using quality products,

Delivering as per commitment


Root canals and orthodontic treatments can be quite painful but much of the pain and anxiety can be prevented by the use of the right equipment and medications. We believe that patients should be involved fully in the decision making process when choosing a treatment plan. We provide our patients with detailed information about each treatment option so that the best decisions can be taken. 


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