Providing You complete control on your oral health with world class dental experience

Our clinic is conveniently located on Main Street and is accessible via all the major roads. We are proud of our office which fully utilizes state of the art equipment to provide the best COMPLETE DENTAL TREATMENT in Indiranagar Bangalore with latest technology options.


Come to our dental clinic in indiranagar and get best DENTAL TREATMENT tips by our expert doctors.

Pearl Dental Clinic in indiranagar is conveniently located near 100 ft road Indiranagar. Our dental clinic is well known on account of the high quality dental treatments that we offer.

We provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments to suit the different needs of our patients. In fact, we offer our clients the option of getting most of their dental work done under one roof. 

Pearl dental clinic indiranagar also have very experienced and highly trained dentists who offer various procedures. We pay special attention to providing our patients a good experience at our clinic.

At Pearl dental clinic we certainly believe that oral health plays a vital role in the over all health of human being. Our main role as practicing dentist is to provide a complete control on the patients oral health. One must feel that his oral health is in complete control and he will not have any problem because of that.


Our objectives are:

To give relief from pain to patient,

Giving good appearance to patient,

Proper functioning of oral region,

Suggesting preventive measures and apt treatment,


We maintain neat and clean clinic with well polished dentist  for world class experience.

Our Values:


Truthness : speak truth,

Being transparent,

Deliver fast service,

Using quality products,

Delivering as per commitment


Root canals and orthodontic treatments can be quite painful but much of the pain and anxiety can be prevented by the use of the right equipment and medications. We believe that patients should be involved fully in the decision making process when choosing a treatment plan. We provide our patients with detailed information about each treatment option so that the best decisions can be taken. 


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